Lisa BU: How books can open your mind.

Lisa Bu

I selected this video from; it’s about this lady called Lisa Bu who is from Hunan, China. She was first trained to become a gymnast in 1970’s, after that when she was in first grade the government wanted to transfer her to an athlete school and expenses fully paid. Her parents on contrary wanted her to become an engineer like them because after going through a cultural revolution they were of the opinion that a well paid job and a safe is the key to happiness whether one likes the job or not, that is not important. The dream of this lady was to become an opera singer and its training should be started at a young age to learn acrobatics. For achieving her dream she tried everything, she also wrote to school principal and host of a radio show but they didn’t believed that she was serious, only her friends believed her who were as powerless as she was. At the age of 15 she was like her dream would never come true and she was afraid that for the rest of her life she could only hope for some second-class happiness and this is unfair. Still she thought to give another chance to her dreams. There was no one around to teach her so she turned to books so that she could learn. She learned different lessons by reading such variety of books such as she found parental advice, a role model for herself, how to be obedient and efficient and lastly got inspired to study abroad, all of it she learnt from books. Then she came to U.S. in 1995 and read the books that were banned in China. From reading more she learned about lessons of life and to honor parents so she restarted her relationship with her parents. She encountered different cultures and found out that compare and contrast gives scholars a complete understanding of the topic. So she started comparative reading and discovered new things.

This video gave me an insight on this lady’s life and what her dreams were. The main point of Lisa is that reading different kinds of books connects you with people of past and present. It never makes you feel lonely and when your dreams are shattered, you feel hopeless but at one point you stand up again and learn from it. Dreams are something which gives you insight about your happiness and your passion. I already love reading books and I believe books are your best friend and that so true. You learn much more by reading so I will never stop reading. If you don’t read then wake up and start reading. Trust me you will feel the change in you and you will enjoy.

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  1. Thats True… Great things change in your life before you know them… and you find out you are a fully different person after adopting That change 🙂


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