Balancing Your Professional & Personal Life

Based on my personal experience, I strongly felt like talking about this topic. It’s been two years since I started working and I’ve learned so much during this time period. Job life in Pakistan is not easy as it seems like. People here, literally struggle with maintaining a balance between their professional and personal life. … Read more Balancing Your Professional & Personal Life

Karachi Down Syndrome Program

You’ve all read my blog posts about diverse book recommendations. You’ve also probably seen my Instagram pictures about them as well as my reviews.

When it comes to diversity and inclusivity, I do not mean just books. As a diverse person, I love to interact with all kinds of people – children and adults alike. That includes people with different abilities.

This blog post is about children with Down Syndrome and spreading inclusivity.

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Breakfast Meetup at Esquires Coffee

Picture sources: Esquires Coffee-Instagram , Esquires Coffee-Website How I Got to Know About Esquires Coffee: A very close and talented blogger friend of mine, Sarah Wazir (Bookgirlingmoments) discovered Esquires Coffee, a few months ago and also collaborated with them for her blog. I obviously follow her all posts on instagram. So, I opened their website to … Read more Breakfast Meetup at Esquires Coffee

A Tribute to My Best Friend

A very happy birthday to my best friend, my soul sister and my friend forever (Alicia). She turned 20 today that is 6 April 2015. I want to tell you that I love you limitless and unconditionally and though I express my love to you every day, its never enough. Because I will love you … Read more A Tribute to My Best Friend

Lisa BU: How books can open your mind.

I selected this video from; it’s about this lady called Lisa Bu who is from Hunan, China. She was first trained to become a gymnast in 1970’s, after that when she was in first grade the government wanted to transfer her to an athlete school and expenses fully paid. Her parents on contrary wanted … Read more Lisa BU: How books can open your mind.