Dear Calculus


Dear calculus
Brother of algebra
I took you as a subject
Just because you were compulsory
Though i dont like you & algebra

Dear calculus
You are full of x’s
You are full of powers
Such mysteries you possess
So much power you possess

Dear calculus
With your immense power
You blow our minds
In your every mystery
There is a solution

Dear calculus
You are so complicated
Yet so much fun to solve
You have countless mysteries
The mysteries of x’s

Dear calculus
I am starting to know you
Till now you are good so far
Please be good further as well
If you are tough
I’ll still solve you though

Dear calculus
You take all my energy
But still i gathered energy
I gathered joy and words
So i could write about you

Dear calculus
I took out my feelings
About you in poem form
This made me feel better
This made me feel hopeful
That i’ll solve
All your mysteries till the end
And i’ll accomplish
A better grade in the end

7 thoughts on “Dear Calculus”

  1. Woah! Great. I’m sure the X’s are raging and algebra is jealous with our dear teary face calculus after reading this. But I must ask, did that help you in the grades in the end)


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