My thoughts in writing

So much is happening around us

What are we doing about it?

So much discrimination

Why do we discriminate so much?

When we are all humans

We have forgotten to love each other

Love each other unconditionally

We have forgotten

That we are made of love

Hate and other negatives

They are nothing but the opposites

It is us who unleashed the opposites

Just by feeling it so strongly

I never understood why people fight?

Why do we make it so hard

To understand each other

When we can do it easily

All this war, hatred, jealousies, power

Why, why, why?

Why can’t we just live with harmony?

Why can’t we just live in peace?

Why can’t we just love each other?

Why do we destroy each other?

When we can just share everything with each other

We are all capable of unconditional love

Why do we compete in getting knowledge?

When we can just share our knowledge

Get new knowledge freely

Why do we need to pay for it?

All these questions are running in my mind

And so many more

So i shed tears for humanity

I shed tears on my frustration

That we are not doing anything about all this

I wanted to share all these questions

With the world

So every one can read

And feel these words

The truth of these words

Do you all feel it?

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