Dear Diary: His soul

He had this pure soul This purity reflected in his eyes In his silence She could not stop staring at him   Sometimes it was so hard, To resist his striking beauty She knew his flaws Understood him like no other Accepted him for who he is truly   Such deep was their bond Such pure was … Read more Dear Diary: His soul

Dear Diary: My demons

Looking back into time When I was that timid little girl Scared of this world That time when others opinions still mattered  to me   That time when my past haunted me Those depression filled days Too many thoughts attacked me Too many nights, I cried to myself   Tried so much to distract myself … Read more Dear Diary: My demons

On the streets

What was the one thing she really craved? She kept asking this question to herself She finally found the answer She wants to walk on the streets by herself Without anyone accompanying her Walking on the streets at night Walking on the streets in the daytime Exploring the world along the way Talking to random people … Read more On the streets

Slam (got the inspiration from the novel slammed and wrote this for my best friend)

Fall is coming Fall is coming Fall is coming When again there will be rush of people This loneliness That is heaven now Will no longer be there Fall is coming Fall is coming Sometimes false facade of smile Sometimes missing the quietness Again time will pass so fast Like a lightening bolt For now … Read more Slam (got the inspiration from the novel slammed and wrote this for my best friend)

My thoughts in writing

So much is happening around us What are we doing about it? So much discrimination Why do we discriminate so much? When we are all humans We have forgotten to love each other Love each other unconditionally We have forgotten That we are made of love Hate and other negatives They are nothing but the … Read more My thoughts in writing

Soul Soothing Poem #1

Reading heals her Reading is thrilling to her        While reading Her soul travels into the story Feeling every emotion Feeling every moment   Of the characters Imagining every scene in her mind            She feels like She is in a whole new world In every different story she reads Its an escape from real … Read more Soul Soothing Poem #1