Dear Diary: Detachment


I cannot explain to this world

What I feel from the inside

In this crowd of people

I am alone & I love my solitude

Let me be!

Let me be!

I do not belong in e crowd

I belong with myself, my soul and with God

My soul that is connected to the Divine

My soul craves peace and solitude

My soul craves that spiritual world

That eternal world

I belong there

Not here

I belong with the divine

Who created me

Who loves me unconditionally

Who has blessed me with countless blessings

That I can’t thank the divine enough

No matter how much I thank God

It is never enough

Let me be free of this cage

Of this world, that is temporary

I am shedding tears

These tears won’t stop

Because  I don’t  belong  here

Let me fly

Let me be free

Oh please! let me fly to that eternal world



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