Dear Diary: Gratitude


She feels thankfulness towards God

Such deep gratitude, that she feels

Thanking God every day

No matter how much, it is not enough

He bestowed upon her

Such unconditional love

She feels that unlimited love pouring out of her everyday

She gives and share and spreads

This unlimited and unconditional love

Among those people, around her

All she needed was the love of divine

All she needed was to recognize her soul

All she needed was to accept herself, for who she really is

All she needed was to listen to her soul’s voice

All she needed was the true guidance from the divine

Now she feels so blessed

So thankful to God for every blessing

That was bestowed upon her

A the people that were sent in her life

With whom she feels connected to

The souls of those people

That she recognized instantly

Those souls who make her feel

More closer to the divine

She found those souls in this world

Who were her companions in that other world

In that infinite world

She believes,

She will find her whispering voice

That soul, who is her true soul mate

Her other half

Who will bring her more closer to the divine

That soul is among one of these souls

The divine will guide her

Towards that soul

That the divine has chosen for her

Patience is her virtue, her best friend

So are the books who keep guiding her

So she feels such deep gratitude

Every single day

Thank you, thank you, thank you God



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