On the streets


What was the one thing she really craved?

She kept asking this question to herself

She finally found the answer

She wants to walk on the streets by herself

Without anyone accompanying her

Walking on the streets at night

Walking on the streets in the daytime

Exploring the world along the way

Talking to random people

Along the way

Listening to their stories

To feel their feelings

To understand all their hardships

To give them hope

Spend time with those random people

And spread smiles among them

There are so many dangers on the streets

Of her cut

She is fully aware of those dangers

People are scared

So scared of the dang on the street

Mugging, kidnapping, rape and so much more

But she doesn’t care about those dangers

She wants to keep walking

She wants to explore different stories

And write about them

She wants to face the dangers

Along the way

People commented

You are vulnerable and naïve

Go to your safe place

This world

These streets

Will eat you alive

She knew all of this

Knew what people thought about her

Naivety was not part of her

Even if it may seem that way from outside

All she felt was alive and conscious

She observed, listened and experienced

This is how she learned

She listened to her soul’s voice

She believed in the divine power

God was with her in every step of the way

God had protected her always

Had loved her always

Will keep protecting and loving her

She had no doubt about that

She felt deeply connected with the divine

When she was among those random people

Helping them in some way

Walking down the streets with them

Facing dangers like they did, every day

Appreciating life, the way it was

Thanking for what she had

Those people thanking for what they had

She felt human,

Connected with humanity

More close to God and all the blessings

A part of nature

She wanted to continue

Walking down these streets

That is when she saw him…

To be continued…….





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