Dancing is my Infinity

20190206_221840_0001Was I limited to this body,
I was born in?
The intellect I so graciously possessed,
Was it limited too?


Why these boundaries?
They tried to set…
The extremeties they believed in
Why why why


The orthodox I was born into
It tried to set those perimeters
Tried to confine me
Yet yet yet


I questioned, I searched
Annihilated that wall of blindness
Barriers came tumbling down
Infinity infinity infinity


Yes! I found something
I realised something
Pieces of my imagination clicked together
Weaving, Dancing Dancing Dancing together


I remembered dancing
The feeling while dancing
Recalled all those feelings
Connecting connecting connecting, gradually


Infinity and dancing
They were connected
I was unlimited, infinity
I danced danced danced, that night


Letting go of the restraints
They tried to build in me
Build around me
I was pure Vibe Vibe Vibe


No judgment, no uncanny stares
Just pure bodies beating around me
In the blasting, pure music
The music was like magic magic magic


That night, dancing was my infinity
Words were my infinity
My soul was infinity
This my truth truth truth


The Truth is
I am infinity
You can't control infinity
Because I am my soul soul soul


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