The Girl from our Moon by Rebecca Bishop


Book: The Girl from our Moon

Author: Rebecca Bishop

Genre: Fantasy

Received an E-copy of the book by the author.

Goodreads Synopsis:

A harmonious civilisation of angels live on the colourful and idealistic planet Venus.
However, one wild and comical rebel does not fit into this picture. The spontaneous angel Luna, is regular gossip throughout the galaxy, due to her continuous need to break the universal laws. Finally Luna is served punishment and booted from heaven.

Arch Angel Michael has sent her on a quest, to find Professor Starling. With deliberate brain damage, she is held in a London hospital, until a suitable foster parent is found. With a dog as a friend, and her trusty foretelling scroll, Luna is lead to enrol into college to complete her mission.

Luna meets charming college teacher Professor Starling, an environmentalist, who wants London to evolve in an eco-friendly direction. Luna who has a duty of compassion for Earth harmonises with his ideas, and Starling finds himself falling madly in taboo love with his student.

Her scientific secret could make Starling’s dreams come true, and help Earth survive against climate change. But first, can Luna convince him she is really an Angel? Or will he hand her over to evil government men and let the doctor label her insane? 

My Review:

This is the purest story I have ever read.

This book is an eye-opener for every reader. By reading this book I realized how passionate Rebecca Bishop (the author) is, to bring a change in our climate. And that she’s actually working towards it, this I got to know by reading her blogs and instagram posts.

Coming onto this book, Luna and Starling were obviously my favorite characters. Luna is an Angel from Venus sent to earth on a quest to bring change. Professor Starling is a Human who is just as passionate about bringing a revolution to Earth’s environment, as Luna is.

I literally did not expect a big twist because the story was straight yet still so intriguing that I couldn’t put it down. The best part about this book? The theory of teleportation. I literally started believing in teleportation when I was going through inner changes a few years back and I read many self-help books that changed my whole perspective on life.
All those concepts I read about in those books, most are portrayed in this book. So, yes this book will help you through self-evolution and you will be able to see life with a new perspective.

You will actually understand how we are being manipulated by politicians and business men. How we are harming this earth each and every day.
I felt so many emotions pouring out of this book that I cannot express fully. This is a must-read book for all. Its light hearted yet emotional and full of important messages to learn.

Well some descriptions did confuse me and at one point in the ending I got a bit confused because the scene was not clear. Since this book still has to be edited more as per the author, so I know the scenes which confused me will become more clear.
Over all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I loved, Loved this book so much. This book really captured my heart and soul.
Thanks to Rebecca for being so kind and sending me her book to read and review and helping me so much. She’s now become a good friend and a guide to me.

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