The World Is Simple: You Made It Complicated by Sawera Dedar


The world is subjective I don’t know your take on the world. Maybe you think it’s a chaotic mass of destruction. Maybe you are more of an optimistic being and the world is your haven – simply because there is no escape. Maybe you can’t be bothered to give two meagre shits about the world. … Read more The World Is Simple: You Made It Complicated by Sawera Dedar

Balancing Your Professional & Personal Life

Based on my personal experience, I strongly felt like talking about this topic. It’s been two years since I started working and I’ve learned so much during this time period. Job life in Pakistan is not easy as it seems like. People here, literally struggle with maintaining a balance between their professional and personal life. … Read more Balancing Your Professional & Personal Life

Custom Painted Polaroids by Fatimah.Creates

Since I started book + lifestyle blogging, I love exploring aesthetic ideas for pictures. Obviously, all kinds of artistic things attract me though I don’t know how to sketch or paint like an actual artist. I did learn photography and basic editing as that comes handy when you are building your own blogging portfolio. Now, I feel so glad that i’ve improved these skills and am being appreciated for it.

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The Girl from our Moon by Rebecca Bishop


Book: The Girl from our Moon

Author: Rebecca Bishop

Genre: Fantasy

Received an E-copy of the book by the author.

Goodreads Synopsis:

A harmonious civilisation of angels live on the colourful and idealistic planet Venus.
However, one wild and comical rebel does not fit into this picture. The spontaneous angel Luna, is regular gossip throughout the galaxy, due to her continuous need to break the universal laws. Finally Luna is served punishment and booted from heaven.

Arch Angel Michael has sent her on a quest, to find Professor Starling. With deliberate brain damage, she is held in a London hospital, until a suitable foster parent is found. With a dog as a friend, and her trusty foretelling scroll, Luna is lead to enrol into college to complete her mission.

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Breakfast Meetup at Esquires Coffee

Picture sources: Esquires Coffee-Instagram , Esquires Coffee-Website How I Got to Know About Esquires Coffee: A very close and talented blogger friend of mine, Sarah Wazir (Bookgirlingmoments) discovered Esquires Coffee, a few months ago and also collaborated with them for her blog. I obviously follow her all posts on instagram. So, I opened their website to … Read more Breakfast Meetup at Esquires Coffee