Custom Painted Polaroids by Fatimah.Creates

Since I started book + lifestyle blogging, I love exploring aesthetic ideas for pictures. Obviously, all kinds of artistic things attract me though I don’t know how to sketch or paint like an actual artist. I did learn photography and basic editing as that comes handy when you are building your own blogging portfolio. Now, I feel so glad that i’ve improved these skills and am being appreciated for it.

Coming back to the artistic and life style aesthetics, I discovered so many diverse artists on Instagram within and outside my country. I get inspired by them so much. One such talented artist from my city is Fatimah Nadeem. I’ve linked her Instagram and youtube blogs, so you can check it out.

I met Fatimah for the first time in March 2019 and have been following her art since last year I think. Though, we met for a short time period but it was still a memorable moment.

Customized Artworks:

Recently, she posted about customized polaroids on her Instagram and I instantly fell in love with them because obviously they were beautiful. I messaged her instantly about the customized order and she asked me for my ideas. After giving it much thought, I sent her my ideas and the end result was this.

At the time, I was planning my giveaway and decided to add one of these 3 Polaroids to it. She loved the idea of me giving away one of her hand painted Polaroid.

Please visit her youtube channel and instagram blog. You can reach out to her through these social channels for anything art related.

The whole idea of this blog post was to appreciate art and artists.

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